Live in the Moment – Approach Others with Love

There is more to being ‘fit’ then your BMI. A major part of wellness is being at peace, managing stress with ease and maintaining emotional balance.

So often, we over extend ourselves with to-do lists, obligations to family or friends, and extra-curricular activities for our children or pets, while making sure to hit the gym, go the extra mile for clients and cook dinner. Fatigue will set in quickly when living in the fast lane without being present in each moment. Disappointment looms, then a feeling of failure in one’s self when the chores are not completed or the boss is not happy. Frustration takes over and before you know it, you’re a cynical, wrinkly, grump who snaps at their kids, looks down when they walk and avoids people instead of communicating with them.

Take a deep breath, think about your purpose, proceed with love.

Instead of racing through life and your to-do list, take a moment to refocus. Close your eyes, inhale slowly and think about what you are doing, why you have chosen to do it and how it will impact your life. It’s not always going to be a glamorous answer, sometimes the dishes just have to be done before you can move forward in your day. I am constantly taking a moment to refocus and am often called out on it by friends with a “You okay?” and in response, I assure “I am now.”

Likewise, instead of worrying about how you’ll avoid a co-worker who tends to annoy you, or speaking in anger toward your toddler who never listens, approach them with love. Easy enough? Yes, but difficult to remember so why not make a habit out of it? Your co-worker may think very highly of you, why disappoint them with a cold shoulder or snap judgement? And toddlers, well, they don’t know how to listen yet. If you continue to bark at them, they will learn to bark at others. Feel compassion in your heart and peace in your soul before greeting others with calm eyes and loving words.

Every moment is an opportunity to share a part of your self with the world. Choose the best parts to share. Others will learn to expect it from you and will begin to share their best in return.  I will caution, however, some folks will reject your peaceful approach and I urge you to remain calm and depart with kindness.


One Comment on “Live in the Moment – Approach Others with Love”

  1. Kacie Arandas says:

    Love it Erin!

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