Why No Grain?

Without getting too scientific on anyone, I would like to post about grains and why I do not include them in my diet. They are EVERYWHERE, even in cleaning products (what?!), and make up the majority of the American diet. Whole grain or otherwise, a grain is a grain. The links below will shed additional light on why grains should not take on such a substantial role in our eating habits. I will share some thoughts in laymen’s terms on each link. Hope it helps.

A grain is a grain...

Why avoid grains? This is a short article, with just a little science, that explains what is actually in grain. All the good things in grain are nearly cancelled out because of the anti-nutrients that are also in grain. The anti-nutrients essentially block the absorption of the good-nutrients creating a LACK of nutrients altogether and even begin to block the body’s absorption of good fats, vitamins and minerals from other sources.

One word: DIABETES Another short read explaining how the massive consumption of carbohydrates recommended by our government is killing us. Modern disease is related to chronic inflammation which is related to anti-nutrients found in grain and other foods like legumes, some nuts and berries, even eggs but you’d have to eat a massive amount to experience an effect. Type II Diabetes is directly related to the consumption of grain and here is how: carbs turn to sugar, the body makes insulin to keep blood sugar at a nice calm level, too many carbs = too much sugar, insulin is in overload, inflammation begins, cells become resistant (DIABETES) and the pancreas goes into overdrive. Now you’re prescribed medication so you won’t die. OR, you could cut grain from your diet.

Auto Immune Diseases and Rheumatoid Arthritis This is a testimonial, and there are many more, from the website of one of my favorite Paleo leaders, Robb Wolf. This is also a disease my family is predisposed to and a major factor (aside from vanity) that led me on the path of Paleo.  RA is said to come from an overactive immune response to infections caused by viruses and bacteria which then cause the disease to fight healthy tissue. When removing grain from the diet, adding omega-3 and probiotics (mmm, sauerkraut), the body’s gut will become healthy again. If the gut is sick or ‘dirty’, you will experience negative health effects throughout your body, most of which you would never even think to relate to an unhealthy gut. Eating Paleo is not a cure for RA, but it could help stop it’s progression, relieve symptoms and pain by helping inflammation subside and make for a healthier body to fight off the disease.

Happy cows eat grass.

Grass-fed, why? This is my science heavy article. In a nutshell: Did you know corn is a grain? They feed it to our cows, pigs, chickens, none of which eat grain in the wild, all of which need antibiotics to stay healthy and alive in many cases. (Not to mention the growth hormones we use to take a calf to the size of a 5-year-old steer by the time they’re 18 months old.) They even feed corn to our farmed fish now – FISH DON’T EAT CORN – buy wild caught, or heck, go catch it yourself.

6 Comments on “Why No Grain?”

  1. buffbetty1 says:

    Great post! I wish more people were more educated on the paleo diet. Its sad to see the “food pyramid” with grains for most of the portions! Thanks for the info! http://www.buffbetty.wordpress.com

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