Welcome to Detox

So you’ve decided to eat Paleo, CONGRATS. How are you feeling?  You have now entered the detox phase. Yes friends, you are detoxing from your grain and sugar addictions and it can get rough at times. That’s not a guarantee, however, just a warning. 

I started eating Paleo and I felt like a wild horse. Energy was shooting from my fingertips! My eyes seemed to be open wider, the world seemed brighter and happier. Birds chirped everywhere I went, I swear, until I hit a wall around week 3. I began to feel sluggish, withdrawn and underwhelmed. An over-all ‘ick’ is how I would describe it. I was disappointed to hear this was part of the detoxing period of Paleo. I wasn’t even hungry enough to eat all the delicious food I just bought. The good news is: it doesn’t last forever. The even better news is: it usually passes within a few days.

Eat real food.

Detoxification begins almost immediately, as your liver and other organs finally have a chance to breathe again. They are not actively being bombarded with toxins found in grain, legumes and processed foods. Although we’ve been eating these foods our entire lives, it does not mean our bodies enjoy them. Especially dairy, which is more toxic to some people than others. Of course you’d never know this without first eliminating it from your diet for several weeks then thoughtfully re-introducing it. This is a good way to learn how your body truly handles the milk of another species.

During the dreaded detox period you may experience irritability, increased or loss of appetite (eat when hungry, don’t when not – pig out Paleo), headaches, nausea, dizziness, brain fog or flu-like symptoms. You may even break-out before your skin clears up. I did, it was horrible. Diarrhea (I said it) before your bowels regulate. Sinus pressure before you never get sick again! Okay, that was a bit of a reach, but I haven’t been sick in 12 months.

Everyone is different therefore everyone’s detox period varies from the length of time to the symptoms you experience. Some people don’t experience any symptoms. The day I went Paleo was the last time I had a headache that was unrelated to clenching my teeth during a workout. I was getting headaches twice daily at that point, migraines monthly or more often. 12 months and nothing. AMAZING. This type of change may not happen overnight for everyone. You may need a few weeks or months before major changes are noticed. My Reverend was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, after 10 months Paleo, he received word that his blood work came back in the normal range. Imagine the well oiled machine you’ll be rolling around in if you keep it up indefinitely. 

Push through and your results will reward you a thousand times over. It’s your choice.

Every choice you make impacts your life.


9 Comments on “Welcome to Detox”

  1. Betsy says:

    I’ve been making the transition to paleo for the past few weeks. I wanted to get rid of the groceries I had bought before i decided to change my eating habits, so I had pasta this week for dinner. I slept so badly that night and had such a migraine the next day that I came home from work early. I promised myself that was the last time i put that garbage in my body again.

  2. Katie says:

    I started a couple weeks ago and I haven’t had any detox symptoms. I don’t feel as hungry and wasn’t getting any crazy cravings after a week. i have been looking forward to the Farm Show and getting a chocolate milkshake and their famous potato donuts. They both tasted delicious but here I am a few hours later…headache, blurred vision, irritable and thoughts of having something sweet to make me feel better. Oh my! How quickly I regress! Makes me think that the donut and shake was NOT worth it.

    • Overtime, these types of food will lose all appeal. Amazing that you REALLY do get sick from grain and possibly dairy.
      I got the cinnamon roasted almonds during our visit to the Farm Show today. DELISH.

  3. Dad says:

    Another good piece. Cracked me up but…who is your Reverend?

  4. Wendy says:

    You’ve read my mind girl… I’ve felt so defeated because I’m not instantly feeling like a superhero. Thanks for the reassurement.

    • You’re body is adjusting, you’ll feel strong again – I wrote this post for you Wendy! Stay focused, REST, allow your body time to adjust to the premium fuel you’re now supplying it with and you’ll get over the hump.

  5. […] take some adjustments in both desire and habit, but a clean diet is worth it. TRUST ME! Once you detox from sugars and grain, your body will react positively to the increased nutrition it will begin to […]

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