2013 Resolution Review

2011-year-resolution-400x400It’s July, we’re half way through the year! Let’s take a look at how I started 2013, shall we?

2013 Resolutions:

  1. Produce Garden
  2. Flower Garden for Giving
  3. No white sugar
  4. Chickens (shh, don’t tell anyone)
  5. Proper Clothing Line

January specific Resolutions:

  1. Whole30
  2. 30 days of Fitness

January. Now to review, we can start with January. I was almost spot on with a Whole30 AND 30 days of fitness. However, I know I skipped 2 days and then I konked out at 24 days. So really, I completed a Whole 25, give or take, and only 22 days of fitness, but it was an admirable start! If I do say so myself.

1. Now for the year’s resolutions. *Sigh* My produce garden is/was an epic fail. So sad! However, a good farm takes lots of care, planning, work, and attention. I have teamed up with a soil-expert friend of mine, Seppi Garret from Your Garden Solution, and I am confident that I will wrangle this yard yet!

I was able to get a few salads out of my  heritage greens before they became too bitter and I do believe I’ll get some more in the ground for the later half of the harvesting season. Nothing like a fresh salad! We also had success with carrots and onions this year, which we eat a ton of. I suppose is wasn’t a complete fail. Seppi and his son, Ben, were kind enough to help add a new bed by bartering a few pieces of wood, some vermiculite, cardboard and sweat for some video work documenting Seppi’s amazing yard built on the designs of permiculture. I love a good barter! We hope to continue to expand throughout the next year. Our yard is large and full of sun. We just need to work on good soil to bring forth a bountiful crop.

2. There is NO flower garden. Over zealous is not a new addition to my list of characteristics.

3. SUGAR! I try, I really do. I go in spurts with it, and it’s usually because of the lack of fresh food when I get home from work at 11pm and just feel hungry and drained. Of course, I realize fresh food will replenish my body, and the most exciting evenings offer me leftovers from my family’s dinner. However, they do not always enjoy something I would consider nutritious and sometimes I eat it anyway. Any kind of pasta is a direct offender. I don’t even like pasta. I vow to try harder.

4. The chickens have been an ongoing topic of discussion and planning. At this rate, I can feel a community of advocates growing stronger where I live. Perhaps we’ll change policy and break in new habits for our neighbors to learn and adopt. I’m also waiting to meet new, over-the-fence neighbors before I surprise them with our (sub)urban petting zoo. But we have a great location place, I know a guy with a coop and my research is hefty!

5. I turned 33 the other day and guess what I got for my birthday? That’s right! A clothing line. My family loves me.


I sense a theme in my posts this week and it’s that I’m not perfect. I think we all knew that, of course, but I want to impress that this is reality. Success and failure are relative and I feel very successful in my choices pertaining to a simpler life, a healthy diet and being fit-enough. Does that mean I’m gung-ho, 100%, on my game all the time? Hell no. But it certainly doesn’t mean I’m not doing a good job. Every new moment presents an opportunity for a better choice. Choose best as often as possible.

Oh, did I mention; I’m back at Crossfit717 as of Monday. Say hi, I’m too nervous to speak!

“Don’t Be Weird,” Mark Sisson

It’s a statement that resounds with me constantly and one I’ve written about before. Mark Sisson first uttered these words, in my presence, at PaleoFX in Austin, TX two years ago. He also mentioned level of choice in the world of clean eating and fitness. Extremes will result in extremes and moderation in, well, moderate results.

When I first began to cut grain and sugar, I was an extremist. I felt like I might die (DIE!) if I ate a grain of rice or a speck of sugar in my coffee, NO potatoes, not even a yam. That was 3 years ago. Over time, and through lifestyle changes on many fronts, I’ve reached specific health and fitness goals and then backed off, introduced some starch back into my diet and backed off from them, tried new things in moderation and decided whether or not it was a short or long-term addition. No matter what the choice, though, each were conscious and that is what I am most proud of. I have learned so much about food and our bodies from my journey with “Paleo” and clean eating. I have researched for myself, compared notes, kept food journals and understand how my body reacts to certain things more so than others.


In my old age (kidding, I fully intend to live to 100. I’m barely a third of the way through!) I’m able to recognize my strengths and weaknesses. I thoughtfully work towards making, what I find to be a weakness, more of a strength. More often though, I just try to make it less of a reason I don’t achieve the results I desire. Like being a food nazi. Strong word, but I have a feeling that’s how people think I live my life and it’s not.

Just recently, I went to dinner with a few friends. The dinner special was Tilapia stuffed with crab. YUM! When it came, there was a small side of rice and a cucumber salad. Everyone waited to see if I would eat the rice. OF COURSE I ate the rice. I was a little surprised by everyone’s anticipation of my decision. The meal was delicious and I devoured every single grain of it. I very rarely eat out but when I do, I try to choose the best options. I don’t ask the waiter a thousand questions about ingredients or sauces because I do not have a specific food allergy or medical reason to do so. I would rather allow room for others, should they need to inquire, without making it weird. I feel that paranoid about a restaurant’s menu, then I’d rather choose another restaurant. That’s not weird at all, just smart.  

Although I still do not condone replacing all your junk food with gluten-free junk just because it’s ‘gluten free’, I have loosened my thought process for my own children and will buy them gluten and gmo free cereals as an easy morning breakfast. Also, just because they enjoy a bowl of cereal every now and again. Processed food is still processed, after all. Fresh is always better. But again, I’m not trying to be weird or make my kids feel weird, so they also enjoy a gluten, gmo and wheat free waffle or pancake from time to time. Still seem weird to you? Baby steps. Besides, they’re just called waffles in our house. My girls understand they are a better choice of waffles because of the brands we choose to spend our money on. 

So, while my stomach is not as flat as it was 2 years ago and my thighs have more fat then they did last summer, I am still healthy and happy with my decisions. I am satisfied with my eating lifestyle at this moment and make conscious decisions to keep my body in a good enough state, while allowing room for ease due to a more hectic lifestyle then I was leading in the past. I’ve dropped from extreme to moderate…with leanings towards extreme. Give me some room here, folks.

I still consider myself 80% Paleo but would rather promote clean eating to others and slowing ease them into a grain-free lifestyle. I realize not everyone is a born extremist and many would rather begin making one better choice at a time. Robb Wolf recently posted the 7 Shades of Paleo, which reminded me that I’m still on track even though I eat sweet potatoes and don’t interrogate the waiter about ingredients. I’m still making great decisions, despite my lack of extremes. Thank you Mark and thank you Robb, you had me at hello.


Week 7: Menu & Receipt

Lately, I’ve been able to stretch my 7 day meal plan and shopping to 8 or 9 days. Whether it’s because I just don’t have the time or I’m force-feeding leftovers to the family, I’m grateful since we’re still in a tight financial spot, as so many of us are, and need to conserve every penny.

That being said, the 4-year-old who named this blog, turned SIX on February 23rd and her younger sister turned 5 yesterday. We aren’t outrageous with gift-giving but when the yearly “Birthday Extravaganza” comes around we celebrate our daughters from one birthday to the next, as any proper celebration should play out. 30(ish) days of extraordinary fun! The little extras add up fast and I’m honestly looking forward to re-tightening our pocket.

photoThis week’s menu was thrown together just for the blog. I went shopping Tuesday morning while my little one was at preschool. Upon my husband’s request, I picked up a roast, I also went for the organic chicken club pack which cuts the cost per lbs from $7.99 to $6.99 and includes portions for 2 dinners instead of one. Chicken thighs and wings seem to be a staple these days because 1) they’re a cheap option, 2) my family devours them and 3) they’re easy to make, bake and the leftovers are bangin!

Incidentally, a friend recently suggested a way to save money was to skip the organic chicken breast and go conventional. I won’t argue a monetary savings here and have typically suggested the same.  He added “Almost every article I read says that the nutritional benefit over regular chicken breasts is negligible. Most impurities and toxins are stored in fat and chicken is so lean that only trace amounts would even exist”.  He is an intelligent and trusted friend, with killer hair, so I stored this info in the ole’ brain and went for a sale on conventionally raised chicken drumsticks a few weeks ago, not breast meat, I realize. I roasted and served them to my girls for dinner. They didn’t gobble them up, as usual, but I didn’t give it much thought as appetite has ebbs and flows. The following day, I served myself a few for breakfast and nearly spit it out before I could get a napkin. The taste was so obviously inferior, it made me feel sick. Bad batch? I don’t know but it reminded me that choice does matter and organic chickens always taste better! I threw the rest away.

You’ll notice Tuesday starts off with chicken (cooked with onions and peppers) and noodles. I finally found a gluten-free, GMO-free noodle option at my local grocery store: TruRoots. After reading the website, I see they claim an ‘al dente’ texture after cooking. My husband, however, says he over cooked his first batch and they were a little mushy, but decent enough to eat. I didn’t warn him they were ‘different’ then his regular noodle variety so it doesn’t’ surprise me that it overcooked. Regular noodles could boil for much longer then required and still not become mushy. Imagine that sitting in your gut… just chillin. Despite over-cooking, he said he’d eat them again and that’s a win for me since we rarely have noodles and now we have some in stock.

photo-2Another exciting find I made was on thursday morning when I stopped by the grocery to pick up some taco shells for my now-5 year old’s requested birthday dinner: Bearitos. This little gem of a company is also non-GMO (found through my non-GMO app) and for a corn meal/chip company it was thrilling discovery since 85% of the corn in our country is genetically modified and that creeps me out. I suspect it’s mostly gluten-free as well, but they do not follow the testing practices for gluten so they do not claim it. They were delicious and had a more authentic taste then the cheaper, standard taco shells. I will now only buy GMO-free tortilla chips, as well. We’ve found and tried 1 or 2 other brands at my local store, my husband says they’re good but aren’t salty enough and I’m okay with that.

During this quick trip to the store, I decided to check the organic meat section for sales while I was there. Often you can find a few items marked down in yellow to add to your freezer and low and behold, I DID! 1 package of organic pork sausage (I often cut up and use sausage in my soups along with another protein) and 2 lbs of organic ground turkey breast were marked 50% off, so I snatched them up. That means you’ll have to add $4 for the taco shells and $12 for the extra organic sale-meat to my receipt for the week. Worth it!

I think I’ve covered everything from this week. My last request: Your favorite recipes including chicken thighs and ground turkey. Please comment here or add them to our Facebook page and you may see them on next week’s menu! Also, I added the spice combination I used for our taco seasoning to the Facebook timeline. Check it out & share with friends!

Pig Out Paleo

I LOVE when folks are interested in eating Paleo. I only wish more of them would stick with it as it gets lonely rejecting offers of sweets and treats all the time. Imagine my excitement when a student joined my class who only eats: PROTEIN and PLANT-based carbs! He didn’t know it was ‘Paleo’, he just knew it was best for his body.

Click the photo for more info on the Paleo Diet.

Click the photo for more info on the Paleo Diet.

So, in keeping with retaining as many protein & plant loving friends as possible, I would like to share a few go-to Paleo mantras for making this journey work for you in modern American culture. One of my faves is:

Pig Out Paleo. I mean, if you’re going to hunt through the house for something you may as well make it Paleo. Right?! See below for health(ier) pig out options.

Set yourself up for success. Google the shit out of “paleo” advice/foods/recipes. Research why & find your own answers – the more you want it, the more you’ll find. Prep, prep and more prep so you always have food on hand. Pinterest has become an amazing little friend of mine. I’m a visual person and love a simple ‘pin’ to refer to at any time. I have a “Things Worth Eating” board that could help you get started. Then just search “paleo” snacks, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, appetizers, and more!

As Paleo As Possible. Listen, no one is perfect in anything they do. If you want something that isn’t exactly or completely on the clean eating list, make your own decision and move forward with it. Don’t wallow in less then 100%. Actually, a huge part of the Paleo community promotes an 80/20 lifestyle. It leaves room for real living in this busy world of ours. Just don’t get carried away *wink*.

Make good choices, as often as possible. These are real answers and they work if you incorporate them into your daily thinking. One blunder towards something that is inherently non Paleo, does not a failure make. Keep going, keep choosing, keep searching for your groove in a life style based in plants and animals AND simplicity. Your life will change once you take on a clean living lifestyle, for the better.

You are in control.

You are in control.

So you’re hungry and its 11 o’clock at night? EAT. Are you just looking to shove something in your mouth? Snack mindlessly? You’ll get over that eventually, in the meantime, I say: EAT. Life is for living, not punishing. Setting yourself up for success includes gradually finding a peace with sweets, emotional eating and other negative food behaviors. YOU’LL GET THERE. Don’t be so restrictive when starting that you set yourself up to fail. PIG OUT PALEO.

Late night ideas (have as little or lot as you’d like, you’ll get better at making good choices, promise):

  • Nuts – straight up, mixed; chopped or blended. Do them your way.
  • Dark chocolate – the higher the cacao the better.
  • Fruit – dried, baked, sliced or whole, it will satisfy a sweet tooth.
  • ANY COMBINATION OF THE 1st 3: Get creative.
  • Olives – good fat, salty and the little ones satisfy my ‘munchie’ needs. I’m enjoying them now, straight out of the jar with a tiny spoon. CHEERS!
  • Apple sauce – I’m a simple girl, it doesn’t take much. Note: your apple sauce need not include sugar/syrup of any kind. If you didn’t make it yourself, read the label. My store brand is good enough: apples, water and that acid that keeps it from discoloring.
  • Hard boiled egg – a little salt, maybe some pepper, it fills you up.
  • Veggies and guac – fatty and filling plus you get that crunchy snack vibe going.
  • Soup/stew – leftovers rock.

Here are 75 more ideas. Google is your professor: ‘paleo_____ recipe”

What are your go-to snacks?

About Fasting

Picture that:

Mr. Paleolithic-Man is moving camp with a few friends, either for lack of food or water, climate change or because they have become the hunted. He gathers his tools and animal skins, a few nuts or sun-dried meat from camp in a satchel and they set off on a journey which could be miles or days away. As he and his friends travel to their next destination, they hunt when and what they can, as needed. Some days are better than others. They hope the few morsels they carry tide will them over till their next big find. Their strong, defined bodies continue on until they reach their destination. They set up camp and Mr. Paleolithic-Man sets off on a hunt while friends gather local plants to refuel themselves after hours/days of hard work.


Picture this:

You and your family decide to spend the day at the local amusement park, pool, carnival, block party or boardwalk. You drive your car to the destination then walk and play and enjoy yourselves until hungry or tired. You eat whatever you find tantalizing in the moment, enticed by colorful signs and bright lights, gooey concoctions and fried foods. Packaged snacks are so easy to pass out, so you do. You eat until your stomachs are heavy then you move onto the car for the drive home. You enter your house where all bodies flop onto the couch and recover. It’s not the long day you’re recovering from, mind you, it’s your body trying to salvage enough energy out of the grains and sugar you chose to fuel it with to get up and prepare dinner, tidy the house or get the kids ready for bed.

Now ponder this:

If you’re on a path of health the standard fast food options are the last thing you choose to eat. You point out the funky neon signs and the funny characters of the vendors at the park to your friends and family as you pass but you wait to eat until you find a reasonable option, or you go into your satchel (ie: purse, baby bag, backpack, etc) and pull out a banana or homemade jerky, perhaps you were better prepared with an insulated bag and share fruit and chicken and vegetables with your mates. OR *gasp* you just wait. It could be less than an hour till you’re at home where you have a refrigerator that has fresh, nutritious food waiting inside. Perhaps it will be 4 hours or 12 hours until you have access to reasonable, fresh, clean food. I promise, you will not die.

When people hear the word “Fast” they often think of religious sacrifice or fad-dieting. Fasting is a word I’m using for a less intense experiences and is something our bodies were designed to endure. I’m also not referring to Intermittent fasting, although an amazing option for building muscle and strength, which I’ve had my own positive experience with. Whether it’s 20 minutes after your stomach growling or a day, you can wait to eat. If you’ve been fueling your body with real food, it will find energy within. You will lean out over time and change eating patterns. Your insulin levels will steady out, your health will refresh and you won’t feel like you’re going to rip someone’s arm off their body and devour it after a little practice and patience.

Now, your child, on the other hand, may act as if they have completely lost their minds when they become hungry. This is our fault, not theirs. We have programmed them (and ourselves) to eat 3 times a day and pop a snack whenever they feel like it, half the time we’re only eating because we’re bored. Always grab an apple or a banana when you leave the house to help little ones through times of fasting until they are no longer ‘scheduled’ to eat. As adults, we have logic on our side. We also have decades of routine, so it is a hard choice to opt for fresh food until you’ve had a lot of practice. I’m working with 18 months of experience in clean (and mostly paleo) eating, it gets better, but you have to change your thinking. Your body and your health will thank you for it.

It’s not always easy to wait for fresh, clean food, but it’s always the right choice.

Setting yourself up for success is the best option. Eat before you head out, fueling your body with a hearty portion of protein befor a long day. Know where you’re going and plan ahead with snacks or a mental map of the day so your brain knows your body will be fed at some point. It’s more of a mental game then anything else. Drink water and stay hydrated, it’ll keep those pesky headaches away, too. Most importantly, however, enjoy yourself! Life is for living. Eating clean is easy, stop over-thinking, stop over-complicating and relax in the simple decision of plants & protein.


Have comments or experience you’d like to share? Please join us on Facebook.


If you were in attendance at PaleoFX, you may quote the mythical Mark Sisson with “Life is an experiment” for me, however, it was a resounding message heard first and often from my father, a behavioral psychologist, one G. David Smith. Both men are fairly laid back, read a lot and take an active approach towards life. Sisson, however (sorry dad), brought it home for me in a new way and solidified the ideals my father has instilled in me and that I often share with others.

Before I get into that I must comment on my use of the term ‘mythical’ in reference to Sisson. To witness him with my own eyes and hear him speak on lifestyle choice and his approach is, I said it, legendary. As I awaited Jack Kruse to take the podium and present his keynote on the eve of PaleoFX, I turned my head to the left and spotted what I thought was surely a hologram walking among us. It was bronzed, blond and wearing a signature blue shirt. I literally just stared at it until it turned toward me. I quickly looked down, turned around and tried to catch my breath as I realized ‘it’ was Mark Sisson! I wasn’t even a ‘huge’ fan (really big fan? yes) coming into the conference, so I was doubly shocked by my inability to approach or communicate with Sisson directly. I never did speak with him, although I’m certain he would have been welcoming and helpful as he interacted in a genuine and casual manner with guests. I just didn’t have a reason other than the fact that I’m still not sure he’s real. His individual lecture and Q/A the following day sealed the deal on the fact that he is super human, at least in my mind, I’m sure he and his family may disagree but I’m going to go with it. He displayed everything I strive towards; health, strength, and most importantly for me, calm.

Mark Sisson’s individual talk centered on, you guessed it, lifestyle CHOICE. Each of us chooses what path(s) we’d like to explore or take in life and he even went as far as to connect the fact that we sometimes choose disease. We choose happiness, opportunity, friendship. Sometimes, we choose to let our health slide a bit (or a lot) for the sake of our family or careers, personal goals. In the end, it is our choice and we must own that in order to change or celebrate where we are in life. This is something I often stress in my blogs, it is your CHOICE to focus on healthy eating, complete and whole living. Mark Sisson brought it together for me with the mere fact that he is a living, breathing example of choice. His demeanor was relaxed and welcoming. He was not just calm, he was so chilled out (or seemingly so, good job Mark!) that I felt calm too. With the excitement of the previous panel and new ideas and information still running through my brain, I was immediately soothed by his presence. Deep.

On Sisson’s blog, he answers what his typical day-to-day looks like and it’s a simple one: a mix between business, family and activity. He focuses his activity on PLAY, mentioning in his lecture, if he’s not having fun it’s not something he’s interested in doing. Good call, Mark. Remember, stress plays an integral role in health. No matter how fit you look on the outside, it could be killing you on the inside. Stress, lack of sleep and over training were spoken of often during PaleoFX as a way to burn through your stem cells at a more rapid speed, leading to a shortened lifespan. Which brings us back to CHOICE. You choose to be a Wall Street Millionaire and work your ass off 20 hours a day. That could bring you great personal satisfaction in life. Others choose to over train and hold onto extremely low body fat, compete in fitness and strength or sports arenas and fulfill lifelong dreams. With choice comes consequence, positive and negative. This is all okay. It’s a matter of perspective and personal interest.

Enter dietary choice. When folks visit the Paleo Diet for the first or fifth time, they are sometimes overwhelmed and to that I always say “you’re doing it wrong.” Paleo is not just about food choice but a simpler way of living. If protein and plants is too complicated for one to approach, then choose to do it differently. Plan a pasta night, or include white rice and sweet pots in moderation. Anything is better than a grain focused, sugar heavy diet, in my opinion. I usually urge folks to work their way towards drinking the beloved cup of coffee black, no sugar, no dairy. The fantastic thing is: YOU CAN CHOOSE however you’d like to drink that delicious, warm, mug full of joe. Mark Sisson made a statement that may have floored many in attendance, “I enjoy heavy cream and a little sugar in my coffee.” GASP. Sugar?! He CHOSE sugar?

Now, before everyone runs out and buys a bag of sugar for their morning coffee (UNrefined if you must), remember my first sentence “Life is an experiment.” I usually suggest approaching Paleo by getting back to basics: Protein and plants, water. This allows your body to detox and purge the anti-nutrient dense foods and chemicals in our systems. It allows our taste buds to be re-born and come to taste food again, instead of living in an inflamed state, requiring more and more additives, sugar and salt in your food for ‘taste’. THEN, after several weeks begin your experiment(s) and HAVE FUN with it. Be thoughtful (remember my MovNat experience mentioned in the previous blog?) in your actions and you’ll notice how your body reacts after you eat certain foods. Want cream in your coffee? Choose less processed options: pastured whole milk, heavy cream. Afterwards, be mindful of your body and see if there is a reaction to the dairy. Many of us are allergic and don’t know it. Many of us choose diary anyway because the side effects aren’t that bad and ice cream brings back childhood memories and comforts us. After eating the sun-dried tomato chicken salad provided by Caveman Cuisine on the 2nd day of PaleoFX, although delicious, I was reminded why I stay away from tomatoes. Every piece of food we choose affects our body and how it functions.

Find more PaleoFX recapping at AncestralizeMe.com

PaleoFX was packed full of individuals on a quest for health and fitness, whether because of disease control & prevention or for one’s ego, the reason was not up for debate. There were folks of all shapes and sizes, from many different cultures and religions but all with a similar interest in the food and movement we choose. Sisson emphasized that we are all together to share and learn from one another. We are each vehicles of information and, as I hope I remain true to, we are not here to push ideals on others. Paleo is MY choice, it is not my husband’s. I struggle with allowing my children to eat items full of grain and sugar but I choose compromise and family over control. They are, after all, my husband’s children too.

In the end, Choice is the most powerful gift we, as humans, have been given. Food choice, for example, will allow you the pleasures of taste, freedom from disease, a commonality among friends and/or all of the above. It is as simple as a “Thank you” or “No, thank you”. You must certainly use your manners (my mama didn’t raise me otherwise) but also your willpower. Some folks will find it more pleasurable to indulge in the occasional sugary snack then go off their medication for Type II Diabetes, and that’s okay. It’s their CHOICE. See, powerful. Others will find it perfectly acceptable to over train to meet an elite body type despite the potential of shortening their lifespan. CHOICE. After 16 months Paleo, I am just now choosing not to take a nibble of the box-brownies my girls made with their daddy. I have chosen a piece or a bite in the past to be met with stomach pains and a headache. That being said, please don’t try to ‘catch’ me choosing poorly, as people often do. It’s MY choice, after all.

Now that my choices have brought me from 162lbs to 122lbs, I am focusing my choices on reversing possible hormone imbalances, sleep and, of course, PLAY. Thank you for the further inspiration, Mark. My experiment continues with Day 4 of 10 hours of night sleep in a row. My skin is clear and moist, my body feels strong, my head clear.

Stubborn Belly Fat

I love/hate those commercials “Got stubborn belly fat?” uh…yeah!  Who doesn’t? Selling a ‘cure’ for something that is a result of the food you eat, without changing the food you eat, will either 1) not work or 2) backfire. Everything we buy between the produce and the dairy sections in the average grocery store has sugar added for taste – yes, even the healthy/organic foods and most of the dairy too. If it’s packaged, it’s usually not very healthy after all. We are taught that food is bland without sugar. So where do you think that layer of stubborn fat comes from, and why it doesn’t go away with regular ‘dieting’ and exersize? Because you’re still filling your body with sugar. 


Sugar, sugar everywhere!

After a year of working out at the Y and watching what I ate through calorie and portion control (and losing a significant amount of weight), I thought I had reached my new ‘thinnest’ and had a handle on the belly fat. While I realize everyone’s post-baby belly is different, I was blessed with a pronounced gut which cut off like a ledge right above the bikini line – not attractive – I thought I was stuck with it as well as the layer of fat that extended straight up over my ribs, my thicker thighs and fat butt because it was genetic. Too much information? We’re all friends here and it is what it is… or it WAS what it WAS

During my 1st two weeks of going strict Paleo, I lost 2-4 pounds but more amazingly, my stomach was actually flattening and my gut didn’t seem so gut’y! I had cut all sugar from my diet, only eating fresh vegetables, eggs and meat whenever I was hungry. I knew I was going to see more progress as time went on and I did. Of course I also joined CrossFit towards the end of the summer 2011 which helped firm and tone what I got down through diet. CrossFit strengthens your core through complex moves without even trying. Hundreds of sit-ups have never done for me what a random routine of deadlifts, burpees, squats, v-ups, sprints, kipping pull-ups, wall balls (kill me) and the like have done for my ‘stubborn belly fat’. Now my ‘gut’ actually smooths right into the rest of my body, I forget where that ledge once lived and I can see fitness lines that I thought I’d only see in magazines.


Remember, fitness takes time. It isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. My gut a year later is what I was aiming for in the first month, silly woman. Instead of refined sugar, choose alternate sources, when necessary, like honey or dark maple syrups or puree some dates for a sweet punch to a yummy meatball or loaf. Also keep in mind, natural sugars ARE sugar and too much is not a healthy choice. If you’re in a weight-loss frame of mind, cut the fruit out of your diet other then a special treat. Otherwise, keep it to a minimum. Moderation is key and too much of one thing is never going to end well. But most importantly, sink your money into fresh produce and not the gimmick-of-the-day that promises to make you lean and toned – only YOU can make that happen through smart choices and hard work. No really, you can. 

Welcome to Detox

So you’ve decided to eat Paleo, CONGRATS. How are you feeling?  You have now entered the detox phase. Yes friends, you are detoxing from your grain and sugar addictions and it can get rough at times. That’s not a guarantee, however, just a warning. 

I started eating Paleo and I felt like a wild horse. Energy was shooting from my fingertips! My eyes seemed to be open wider, the world seemed brighter and happier. Birds chirped everywhere I went, I swear, until I hit a wall around week 3. I began to feel sluggish, withdrawn and underwhelmed. An over-all ‘ick’ is how I would describe it. I was disappointed to hear this was part of the detoxing period of Paleo. I wasn’t even hungry enough to eat all the delicious food I just bought. The good news is: it doesn’t last forever. The even better news is: it usually passes within a few days.

Eat real food.

Detoxification begins almost immediately, as your liver and other organs finally have a chance to breathe again. They are not actively being bombarded with toxins found in grain, legumes and processed foods. Although we’ve been eating these foods our entire lives, it does not mean our bodies enjoy them. Especially dairy, which is more toxic to some people than others. Of course you’d never know this without first eliminating it from your diet for several weeks then thoughtfully re-introducing it. This is a good way to learn how your body truly handles the milk of another species.

During the dreaded detox period you may experience irritability, increased or loss of appetite (eat when hungry, don’t when not – pig out Paleo), headaches, nausea, dizziness, brain fog or flu-like symptoms. You may even break-out before your skin clears up. I did, it was horrible. Diarrhea (I said it) before your bowels regulate. Sinus pressure before you never get sick again! Okay, that was a bit of a reach, but I haven’t been sick in 12 months.

Everyone is different therefore everyone’s detox period varies from the length of time to the symptoms you experience. Some people don’t experience any symptoms. The day I went Paleo was the last time I had a headache that was unrelated to clenching my teeth during a workout. I was getting headaches twice daily at that point, migraines monthly or more often. 12 months and nothing. AMAZING. This type of change may not happen overnight for everyone. You may need a few weeks or months before major changes are noticed. My Reverend was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, after 10 months Paleo, he received word that his blood work came back in the normal range. Imagine the well oiled machine you’ll be rolling around in if you keep it up indefinitely. 

Push through and your results will reward you a thousand times over. It’s your choice.

Every choice you make impacts your life.

Paleo and “What do you eat?”

(This is an edited version of a Note that was originally posted on Facebook to help friends who continue to inquire about Paleo and how I’ve been living that past year.)

In easy terms, the answer is: Plants and Protein.

Paleo (Paleolithic Diet) is the way you eat and from there, the way you live. I started living (as) Paleo (as possible) in January of 2011. That was after almost of year of throwing the idea around, researching the heck out of the concept and making subtle changes to my standard way of eating in preparation. Going from the Standard American Diet to a real-food Paleo Diet is quite a change. It’s okay to ease yourself off one and into another. In fact, it’ll help habits stick and stay. My first step was cutting portions and talking about it with my adorable husband who loves to feed me and is an amazing cook. But if I wanted my body to change (this all started, after all, out of vanity alone) I had to be real and ask him to PLEASE start scooping me HALF of what he had. The day finally came when I started passing on the starch portion of the meal altogether. But that was over time and by choice.

It’s all by choice. That’s the beauty of life. Every thing we do is because we have decided to make a move. YOU must want this, it’s for no one else. My husband made it clear he was NOT interested in Paleo or giving up his TastyKakes, and that is HIS choice which I must respect. Fast forward to January 2011 and I turned to him one night “I’m doing it. No more grains, no more processed food. I’m going Paleo.” He smirked at my random declaration of immediate change (as I do this often) and agreed to support me. DONE.

From there out, it’s been Protein, Plants and Water, which translates (for me) to: eggs, beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, fish, crab, scallops, greens, peppers, onions, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, squash, olives, avocado, almonds, walnuts, cashews, coconut oil, real butter… you get my point. If it’s not fresh, it’s not Paleo. I also try to eat grass-fed meat and dairy, free range and VEG FED eggs (read labels, a lot of those organic eggs are being fed grain, tricky), wild caught sea life, local/organic veggies and the like.  But these labels are not a deal breaker and I buy meat on sale whenever possible, I have a family to feed after all. I eat very little fruit (natural sugar IS sugar) I drink my coffee black or with heavy cream for a treat. Good fat. Red wine. I learned to love cooking!

Now reality says “Yes, I’ve eaten a sleeve of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, had too many frozen mini KitKats or Reeses cups… I have the occasional bowl of ice cream, a few beers or a mini pizza.” But this are not often and I always feel like crap after the sugar spikes. I see these moments as learning experiences.  In fact, each time I go off-Paleo, I realize more how unimportant those ‘treats’ are and their taste is becoming less and less gratifying as my year has progressed. I think sometimes, it’s only just to prove that I’m in charge and no one can make me do anything. A little rebellion goes a long way.

Just Say "NO"

Getting back to basics. I always recommend reading through the FAQs section at http://www.RobbWolf.com, which began my obsession with Paleo after a friend recommended the same to me. I think his exact words were “If you’re really serious, check this out.” Boy was he right! But I’m also a focused, obsessive compulsive woman who loves a good mission. Researching this way of life and how many amazing benefits you can experience from filling your body with clean fuel is my constant motivation. If I stopped reading and LOVING what I read, I believe I’d lose my focus and go for all that ‘delicious’ easy food that makes us sick and fat.

Some of the changes I personally experienced from this (drastic) diet change over the last year are: lack of headaches, stabilized mood, loss of belly fat (yes, even that gross mom gut), leaner body, lack of body odors, regular bowel movements, shortened/lightened menstrual cycle, lack of illness… It’s an endless list and one that could be even more vast if I had my cholesterol, blood sugars, body fat, vitamin levels and whatnot checked at the beginning. Another thing I never did was a Before picture, which is a real bummer. I was just too embarrassed by the lack of aesthetic beauty my body had morphed into after 2 children in 2 years and settling into married life. I urge you to take a photo and forget about it until you’re ready for an After. You won’t regret it!

Anyone can make a change! Each time you choose a drink or a snack, you have the opportunity to try something new. Whether that is a new approach, a new vegetable, a new recipe or a new filtered water bottle, keep things interesting and FOCUSED. My best advice when making changes in life is TALK ABOUT IT. If you promote yourself as one thing, it’s a lot harder to fail. Convince others of your passion and you’ll live up to the name you create. Small steps lead to larger steps and soon, you’ll be full of energy, passion and a new view on life and wellness.

A few things of note:

– Set yourself up for success!

– Focus on what you CAN eat, not on what you can’t.

– Don’t sweat the small stuff. Condiments and dressings – No one is perfect and if you live by the 80/20 rule you have room for these little delights in life without stressing out over the details.

– Your choices become more on point and focused over time. There is a learning curve and it’ll get easier and healthier. Don’t stress perfection, just keep making good choices.

– Research effects and history of food and obsess over the Paleo heavy hitters; read blogs (ha), books, reviews.

– Recognize that you are currently addicted to grain and sugar. It is like quitting smoking. After 3 weeks, you’ll feel (and look) better. Promise.

– Always be prepared. You MUST have a snack or leftovers available. When you first go Paleo, you may notice you go from satiated to ravenous in the blink of an eye. Make extras at dinner, always have a roasted chicken and hardboiled eggs in the house (great as a snack or on salad) and bring an insulated bag with fresh snack options in the car when you’re out for the day. Seriously.

– Google is your professor. Search “Paleo _________ ” for recipes, ideas, advice and reviews.

Onto the easy stuff: FOOD ideas and staples in my life…incidently, my husband and kids are Paleo by proxy and I’d say they are easily at 70% most of the time. It’s just so easy. You’re eating real food and fueling your body with premium gas. When you put in the low-grade fuel, your body begins to reject it through fatigue, headaches, behavior malfunctions and the like.

Snacks – on the go or at home!

– Hardboiled eggs

– Raw veggies

– Whole fruits

– Cupped fruit (in water) drain in the street, it’s just water!

– Almonds, other nuts or mixed nuts

– Any leftover or cut up protein – roast chicken, meatballs, dried beef, YUM and fueling

– Frozen banana smoothies, add any berries, dark chocolate, etc to taste – get creative!

– Dried unsweetened fruits

– Nuts baked with honey and maple syrup, shaved coconut, and drizzled in dark chocolate (Granola bar) leave the chocolate off and stir while baking to make your own cereal

– Nitrate free deli meats rolled up – add avocado, tomato, mustard to the inside for flare

– Egg muffins (great for on the go breakfast too!)

Please add your go-to snacks in the comments section – this is just a quick start!

I believe the meals are pretty obvious, but I’ll go over a few sides to help you spice up your protein. The Big Ass Salad (BAS) is a staple to the Paleo diet, at least in my case. Any sandwich, wrap or burger can be placed atop a bed of greens and enjoyed. No excuses.

Breakfast needs to change in your mind as well. Eggs and (uncured, grass-fed) bacon are tops, but any leftovers from dinner the night before or protein that’s been prepared are great to start the day. Coffee black if possible. You’ll wean yourself off the sugar, trust me. Until then, 80/20, use it wisely.

Sides to Protein

– sauerkraut (great for your complexion)

– roasted vegetables drizzled in butter and salt – different pairings create different experiences

– raw veggies – root veg will also keep those sugar cravings at bay, grab a carrot!

– steamed veggies  – get funky with your food and add spices

– mashed cauliflower

– baked sweet potato

– baked apples with cinnamon or onions

– sautéed veggies

– fruit salad

– eggs, cooked or boiled

– coleslaw

That’s all I have for now. It’s a start!

July 2011 Photo for Patriot News Article "The Paleo Perspective" by Steph Loh

I love talking Paleo and fitness (different time) so please don’t hesitate to share and continue the conversation upon finishing this note.

Happy Anniversary!

I never really understood ‘the blog’ and I don’t really follow any (I think 3) so I’m not exactly sure how this will go. Despite that, Pushups and Carrots has been created to commemorate my 1st year living (as) Paleo (as possible). My 4-year-old daughter named it, and I think it’s kind of genius. I realize the Paleo Diet can be intimidating and I urge everyone to find what works for them, but this is the fuel that works for my body and I’m happy to share it with anyone who will listen. I’m 31 years old, a wife, mother, business owner and (now) obsessed with all things Paleo and CrossFit. My name is Erin.

I will add a few “notes” from Facebook that I recently wrote while contemplating a ‘real’ blog, after which I look forward to utilizing Pushups and Carrots to continue the conversation that comes from living crazy, busy, exciting lives, all while maintaining health, strength and wellness. Anyone can choose this. I look forward to your feedback.