PaleoFX – He’s a Fucking Rock Star

Who you ask?

Dr. Jack Kruse, neurosurgeon extraordinaire. A man reborn from a scalpel-happy, money-making machine to one obsessed with self-experiment and saving your life, minus the knife.

To be honest, his keynote speech was a bit on the warm and fuzzy side for me, and not that exciting. Others seemed captivated, however, and I understand why. Dr. Jack told a little-known tale of how his life changed, dramatically, over a thousand bottles of wine and the idea of saving a starfish. He is a CHANGED man, a super smart, sciency, doctor guy who is hard-focused on saving lives through nutritional and hormonal protocol.

I wasn’t sold. But I was enticed enough to commit to sitting in on his solo session during day 3 of PaleoFX. During day 2 however, I caught Dr. Jack on a mastermind panel or two, which sucked me in and locked me down as a believer. Yes, folks, I have Dr. Jack fever.

Dr. JACK answering questions between sessions during PaleoFX.
(See that super serious girl in the grey sweater? Yeah, that's me.)

I was literally listening to Jack’s TED presentation as I began this blog. A blog which I had been mulling over in my head since I sat in the front row of Jack’s solo presentation. An amazing speaker, partly because of his confidence but also because of the completely amazing shit he has to share with the world. I’m not sure where to go or start from with a post on Jack so I’ll just list a few awesome tidbits and you can obsess over him all you want if you’re intrigued enough to dig a little more.

Tip of the iceberg:

  • Cold Thermogenesis – Jack believes ‘cold‘ cures, recovers, fixes, aids and promotes healing in the body. Wash your face in cold water. Submerge and let it soak. Now open your eyes. Fast forward and you turn your hot tub to a cold tub and soak all winter. It’ll make you younger, stronger, smarter and live forever… or so it seems. Get in touch with your cold side!
  •  Self Experimentation – Without sharing with others, including his wife or children, he takes on some pretty brutal experimentations. For example, injecting himself with MRSA, going under the knife without anesthesia, refusing pain meds, only to cover his body in … you guessed it … ICE … and find relief. He knows if you live it, you mean it. And he means it.
  • Life Changing – The stories he has to share, of clients who are thriving when they would typically have died. Clients who would be living in a wheel chair are now walking and, in fact, feeling better than they did pre-injury. He wants to change lives and he does. Dr. Jack is a bit radical and I like it. His recovery protocols are unlike any hospital is prepared for.
  • Eye For Fashion – From an oversized overcoat during his is keynote and leather blazer on day 2 all the way to his blinged-out T on day 3 and full-black for TED, you gotta love how Jack Kruse isn’t afraid of anything. He’s got a flair for the fashion and although I may not agree with it, I respect and enjoy his daring metro half. He’s a fucking rock star.

Thank you Mrs. Paleo for the photo of Dr. Jack about to light a stick of dynamite.

“The Standard American Diet, the diet our government, the USDA tells us to eat. That’s the stuff that gets you fat.  I eat that diet for 2 months and gain 25 pounds. Exactly opposite of the Paleolithic Diet.”


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